When bump and grind is on your mind, there's the Belmont Burlesque Revue!  With a little wink, a little nod and a whole lot of bump and grind, the Bombshells bring their own unique blend of old school burlesque to Chicago. Featuring acts ranging from bawdy comedy to classy striptease to mystifying magic, the Belmont Burlesque Revue has a fully stocked repertoire of sexy fun. 

Formed in 2003, Belmont Burlesque is the union of Paris Green, MsPixy, Naughty Natanya, Titi Touche Lady Annabelle, Kitten Kaboodle, Bella Ciao, Diva La Vida, and Hazel Hellbender--our fabulous Belmont Bombshells.  We have had the pleasure of working with many fabulous guest performers including the truly Amazing Tomas, Michelle "Toots" L'Amour (and her Ass That Goes POW!), Claire De Lune, Kumail Nanjiani, Bloody Belle, Jared Logan, Gerdes and Reid, Lola van Ella, La JohnJoseph and The Honey Buns. Our first exposure to the world was as part of the Around Midnight Series, a late night series of off-the-wall entertainments. 

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